Metal Garage Storage Cabinets

metal garage storage cabinets
metal garage storage cabinets

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Organizing the goods in the warehouse or in the garage need appropriate storage cabinets. Metal garage storage cabinets is the rack that fit and very strong to store your stuff.

Storage cabinet is mounted on the ceiling of your house, so it does not spend the space of the room, and also does not interfere with the activity below.

This storage cabinet has Monsterrax brand, size 4×8, Overhead Garage Storage Rack Heavy Duty – hammertone.

Heavy duty rack is very sturdy and high quality, it has been patented holds 600 pounds and has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It’s a great choice if you use this storage rack.

The installation can adjust the height of the ceiling at your garage, which is 24 “-45” drop ceiling. Do not worry rack installation is very easy, Easy Step-by-Step Instructions and a Full Support Center to Assist You.

Material from heavy duty rack are industrial quality steel and complete this product with a powder coat finish. This is what makes the strength of the rack is not in doubt.

This high-quality Metal garage storage cabinets will not make you feel the loss when buying it, because the price is not expensive when compared to other brands with the same size, especially if you look at the strength of the rack, it is very satisfying to buy it.

If you are still unsure with this heavy duty storage cabinet, the reviews from buyers will answer it. So far from all buyers who have bought and used these monsterrax, 85% from them give 5 stars as reviews of their satisfaction, and 15% give it 4 stars.

There’s nobody who gives reviews of 1 to 3 stars. It shows this rack never disappoint the buyer. Of course, the minimalist design and a sturdy rack hung neatly over the garage.

Soon have a metal garage storage cabinets, so that your beautiful house is always tidy and easy to find the items you want. Gorgeous and tidy home is everyone’s dream.

metal garage storage cabinets

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