Garage Storage Solutions – Hanging Garage Shelves

garage storage solutions
garage storage solutions

hanging garage shelves

Every house should ideally have a warehouse for storing items that are rarely used. But often a small house that is not enough room for storage. Do not worry, there are garage storage solutions to change warehouse function that does not exist.

What kind of garage storage solutions? We can turn a garage into a storage without disrupting the entry and exit of vehicles.

Now available any kinds of shelves for storing goods, depending on how large and high garage space in your home. There are shelves that hang in the ceiling, shelves attached to the wall, or there is also a cabinet like a closet.

If you have a narrow garage, garage storage solutions preferably with installing Overhead Garage Storage Racks Heavy Duty. This very sturdy rack to store your goods. Shelves are available in sizes 4 ‘x 8’ can purchase additional shelves if it is lacking.

Do not worry about the quality and strength from this ceiling rack. It has been patented channel design holds 600 pounds max capacity and backup it up with a lifetime warranty.

Details from overhead garage storage racks are:
1. Customize the ceiling drop-down distance between 24″ and 45″ from the ceiling
2. Using the industrial quality steel and complete this product with a powder coat finish
3. Easy Step by Step Instructions and a Full Support Center to Assist You
4. Combo Packs Includes -( 2 ) 4×8 Racks with 18 Piece Deluxe Hook Accessory Pack
5. Accessory Pack: 10 Deck Hooks, 4 Rail Hooks, 4 Utility Hooks

Garage Storage Solutions will make your home more neat and comfortable, Your car in or out of the garage without any problem. Lovely house will create healthy and happy.

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